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About / History

We apply disruptive innovative thought process and technology to develop biofuels from rural communities. From our roots in Nigeria, we create and enable authentic, certified solutions. With the abundance of bio waste in rural communities, we create new sustainable flows of bio energy for our stakeholders. Our expertise is with perfect fit supply chain solutions. Our approach to bio energy development is eco system based with keen passion to agro-waste entrepreneurship for small holder farmers, zero interest financing and environmental sustainability. We are passionate about transforming local communities while creating trust and reliable flow of bio energy to our customers.

We are Nigerian led bio energy originator, producer trading and distribution firm. Our roots lie in Geneva where our story began with Nicolas Chiche. Gaia NRG is focused on creating the future of agriculture waste based green energy in Africa, Our passion lies in finding solutions along the bio energy value chain, optimizing the applicable waste value streams and connecting end users with the appropriate bio energy solutions they require while creating decent well paying jobs in rural areas.

Our Stands

Our strategy is clear and simple. Transform communities through bio waste energy and technology.


We develop and build sustainable bio energy business models which create new jobs, new hopes and transform communities through the application of technology and sustainable finance. From bio waste we deliver new ways for rural development.


To be the Leading Bio- Waste energy producer in Africa in coordination with our partners and stakeholders.

Our Strategy

We provide solutions that reduce climate change and eliminate pollution. We produce biofuels for both the local and international markets. Our actions enable small holder farms sustainably improve and optimise their processes.



We offer our clients different forms of agro waste for energy production. We are constantly developing our products to meet the required certification and sustainable standards.

Palm Kernel Shells

Plam kernel shells are hard fibrous materials produced in the processing of palm kernel nuts and which occur in several communities in Nigeria. Our initiative a decade ago stopped the indiscriminate burning of palm kernel shells.

Cashew Nut Shells

Cashew shells provide a high source of calorific energy for utilities and industrial customers to generate energy.

Coconut Shells

Coconut shells are high energy sources and provide alternative sources of energy for households either as bio- charcoal, carbonized pellets or in its original form

Palm Fiber Pellets

This is our flagship solution to provide palm fiber pellets for local cooking solutions in Nigeria. Plam fiber pellets have been burnt locally for decades causing environmental pollution and health hazards. Palm fiber pellets for cooking will reduce the harmful use of charcoal and indiscriminate burning of wood for cooking in Nigeria.



Thes biofuel flow solutions we deliver, help our customers to discover new reliable sources of bio energy. We cover the entire spectrum of biomass, biodiesel and biogas. We think intelligently and wholistically. Hande difficult terrains at origin to ensuring the best logistics are available for our customers to receive their products.

Project Development

We break new grounds in developing bankable biofuel projects in Africa. Our team have been involved in several feasibility studies of biofuels related projects. We solve complex problems and make them simple to understand from an investor’s, communal, and regulatory perspective.


We innovate and create new technology enabled processes and platforms that digitalise the local biofuel supply chain. With over a decade of operations and hands on experience in local communities we understand and appreciate the difficulties faced in production and supply chain optimisation. We develop innovative, affordable machinery that can be accessed by small hold farmers for their production processing.


Used Cooking Oil

We are currently working with one of the worlds largest developer and producers of biodiesel to map out the used cooking oil sources across Nigeria for the production of biodiesel. Our ultimate goal is to establish biodiesel stations across Nigeria and also provide used cooking oil for export.



The high volume of effluent and waste straws generated in the agriculture processes across Nigeria presents huge opportunities to produce bio-cng. Our goal is to work with small local agro processors to aggregate and provide technology to produce bio-cng as fuel for vehicles, cooking and industrial usage.

Agro Entrepreneurship

Our business model is reverse integration with a focus on agro waste as first level improvement in the engagement process. We provide farmers with entrepreneurship training and business opportunities, so they successfully focus on their primary processes while we focus on creating value for them from the waste streams generated from the agro processing activities. In the process they are skilled with various levels of entrepreneurial engagement such as ideation, book keeping, sales, distribution, human resources and management.


We provide logistic solutions for our clients and customers from the rural areas to end users either locally or in the international markets. We have several ongoing partnerships with haulage companies, shipping lines, vessel owners, port authorities and local governments. Our mission is to provide a technology enabled platform to enhance the delivery, aggregation and utilization of bio energy.


A reliable supply of energy is critical for the functioning of households, industries, municipalities and communities. We provide a reliable sustainable flow of bio feedstock and bio energy for our clients.


We do what many banks in Nigeria and development financing agencies will not do for rural farmers. We utilize our own funds to provide agro processors with zero interest credit for their primary production which generates agro waste for us. In our over ten years of dealing with Nigerian small holder farmers and processors, the default rate of our financing has been 0.000001%. An extra ordinary result in a country where in 2023 the central bank of Nigeria claimed to have outstanding claims of over $500 million in its Anchor borrower program for farmers. Our model is a communal model that has proved to be highly effective and result oriented.

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